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Do you have a book in you?

Have you always fancied seeing your name in print (or on the screen of an iPad)?

Writing a book is an exciting challenge but it is also incredibly time consuming and can be expensive too (although with the FeedARead Print on Demand service and iTunes digital publishing platform getting your book out there may cost less than you thought).

Depending on your own writing ability or time available, you might want to consider enlisting my help for:

a) Ghostwriting

This is where I would do all the research and writing, from foreword to afterword and everything in between, leaving you to sit back and take the credit.

b) Copy Editing

This is where you have written the main text but require help in styling, grammar and spelling. This is an in-depth service which involves a lot more than simple proofreading.

c) Research

This is where you will take charge of the writing but I provide you with all of the research you need, including references (formatted to a specific academic style if required). This service is ideal for those authors who are confident in their writing ability but are limited in time.

I can also create or reformat a book as an eBook using the latest EPUB 3.0 standard (suitable for the Apple iPad and most eBook readers).

The price for the services above will depend on several factors, but mainly the size of the book involved. Please contact me directly for a quote.

d) Publishing

I can currently publish your paperback book on FeedARead and Amazon, and your digital book on iTunes.

Note: I am not yet able to offer digital publishing with Amazon (Kindle) or Barnes & Noble but hope to be able to do so soon.

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