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One Quick SEO Tip for Your Business

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a minefield, and it can be bewildering to the beginner. Whether you’re handling your own SEO or letting a company handle it for you, you will have to incorporate relevant keywords into your content.

But how do you know which keywords to use?

I suggest that you use the Google Keyword Planner to check what people are actually searching for (not what you think they are searching for). It’s a free tool that you can access via your normal free Google account.

a) Select the top option (Search for new keyword and ad group ideas)

b) Fill in the three fields available (your product or service; your landing page and your product category)

c) Click search

d) Find a trade-off between Average Monthly Searches and Competition (columns can be ordered for ease of use). Ideally you will find a relevant phrase or two with low competition and high search volume. These are your ‘gold nugget’ keywords (and this process has helped me rank a client second for his chosen keyword with purely organic [i.e. unpaid] search).

e) Add those words naturally into your content

A little bit of research will give you the edge over your competitors who will often be simply choosing phrases like ‘restaurants Torquay’ or ‘swimming pools Paignton’. If you type these phrases into the Keyword Planner you will be amazed at how few people are typing these phrases in! Either that or they will be very competitive.

I specialise in writing SEO-rich articles/blogs and, for an affordable price, can even perform keyword searches on your behalf to unearth those rare gems.

Or if you prefer to buy your space on Google, I can handle your AdWords campaign. As a member of the Google Partners program, I even have some generous discount codes to get you started.

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