It never rains…

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June 13, 2011

Image licensed under CC-A 2.0 general: Author is Juni from Kyoto (Flickr)

If you’ve wondered why I haven’t posted for a while, it’s because I’ve been extremely busy, mainly writing content for blogs, websites and other online media.

I have been hired to write 3 or 4 articles a week for Hsoub, a data and information processing start-up, and you can see some of my work here.

I have also been writing on a huge variety of subjects, including:
Surfing (one of my favourite topics!), health foods, kids’ playgrounds, square foot gardening, home decor, green technology, SEO brokering, tax overage recovery, World of Warcraft…i’ve not even had time to update my portfolio.

I’ve had to refuse a few orders: spending 40 hours a week writing plus looking after the children plus other part-time work saw me hitting the sack the wrong side of 3 A.M. on a few too many occasions.

I am really looking into doing more local work: brochures, newsletters, press releases, etc. so if you’re based in the South West, please call me on 07762 906818

I’m also looking for a talented local graphic designer, especially portfolio builders, who might be interested in teaming up to provide writing/design services.

Have a good week!