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A Freelancer Doesn’t Have a Boss: He Has Lots of Bosses!

Image from ménage a mois, supplied under CC BY-SA 2.0 licence

One of the first things I have had to get used to as a commercial freelance writer is that the idea of not working for anyone else is a bit of a myth.

The rosy view of complete creative freedom can come crashing down in an instant when your latest employer, the one who seemed totally sold on your concepts in the initial meeting, turns around and politely lets you know that your hours of hard work hasn’t cut it with them. It’s then that you realise that your livelihood depends very much on how your work is evaluated by he (or she) who is paying the bill.

If (or should I say when) you find yourself in this kind of situation, I would advise to treat it as a learning experience. First of all, if you have been a clever clogs and secured the money up front, you will probably find your employer more than happy to spell out exactly what they didn’t like so you can improve your revision. Even if you have lost the gig, try to get the unhappy client to be specific in their critique. Was it the tone they didn’t like? Did you not address their customers’ concerns? The more information you get, the wiser you will become.

And, if you really end up clashing with a picky and unpleasant client remind yourself that one of your many bosses is you – and your the one who has the ultimate power to decide when enough is enough.

Does this experience strike a chord with other writers? If so, please let me know your philosophy.

And remember, if you’re a writer or not but have any questions to ask or advice to give, please don’t be shy. Make a comment!