You’re Just One Thought Away From Turning a Bad Day Into a Fantastic One

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January 16, 2011
You’re Just One Thought Away From Turning a Bad Day Into a Fantastic One

Make your next thought a sunny one!

I love effective, motivational quotations, and sometimes the simple ones are the best of all.

This one comes courtesy of ‘Calm Coach’ to females, Maureen York, from her e-zine ‘And Just Breathe…’.

It is perfect for those of you – OK, us – who may have messed up on our New Year’s resolutions already and are thinking ‘well, that’s that then’. Don’t let yourself of the hook so easily! January 1st 2011 may be the start of a new year and decade but you can make a fresh start any time you feel like it – like now!

And by thus regaining the ability to choose decisive thinking over restrictive convention, why not kick your unhealthy moods into touch too.

I’m not talking about repression here, you need to have a normal range of emotional reaction to situations; I’m on about those loops that say, ‘Oh no, not another Monday…I’m so tired, I can’t be bothered…that customer made me feel like c**p, I must be c**p, six more hours of this, etc, etc.’

Instead, try staying in the present and breaking the loop with a positive thought…any one will do (is the weather nice? Did you pack an especially naughty lunch time treat? Are you partying this evening? Did your kids do something hilarious over the weekend?).

In short, just because you’re having a miserable moment, it doesn’t mean you have to turn it into a down day.

Happy Mondays!

(Photo released under CC license by Diego Javier)